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Keep it with you.
MyTooCool is fully portable.
Keep your universe with you anywhere and on any device you like (USB memory stick, flash drive, portable hard drive, etc.).
Use your MyTooCool at work, at home, on the move...

Stay connected!
Submit and share gadget
You can share the widgets you have created by posting them in the Share Zone. To do this, click on the title of the widget in the Widget Manager and click on the submit button.
MyTooCool will then send the files and information related to your widget to the Share Zone.
All others users will be able to access it and use it.
Static Widget
While navigating on any website, MyTooCool enables you to select objects and create your own html page with these objects. Whenever you open this widget, MyTooCool will automatically open the html page. The html file is saved locally on your PC but can access the content of the widget on the source website (e.g. to import videos to the html page from a given source website).
As source sites can change, you are advised to start by creating a static widget rather than a dynamic one.
Dynamic Widget
While navigating on any Internet website, MyTooCool enables you to select objects and create your own widget with only these objects. Whenever you open this widget on your PC, MyTooCool will rebuild the widget so that its content matches the content on the source website.
This type of widget is useful if it is linked to specific content that is dynamically updated on the source site. If not, you are advised to create a static widget as the site may change, meaning that your dynamic widget no longer works.
Send to a friend
Click on the title of the gadget in the search widget if you want to send it to friends. Enter your friends' email addresses and an email with a reference to the widget will be sent to your friends.
What configuration do I need to run MyTooCool?
You need Windows XP SP2 or later with Internet Explorer 7 or later.
MyTooCool won't start
Make sure there is no firewall blocking the software (Apache service).
Can I create several accounts?
Yes, MyTooCool is family software. Each user can manage their own account and gadgets.
I've lost my password. What can I do?
Your password is stored locally so we can't recover it for you. Please create a new account.
MyTooCool "Hunter Browser" is slow compared with other browsers!
That’s because it has to think a little bit. The "Hunter Browser" is not designed for navigation purposes. Use other browsers to navigate and copy/paste to MyTooCool Hunter Browser the url of the page from which you want to create a gadget.
I have created a new widget but can't find it!
It is there somewhere. The new widget is usually saved in the selected internal widget of Widget Manager. If not, look in "Default Widget" or in the internal widget that is on top of the others.
With Hunting Mode it takes a while before I can select objects
It depends on the speed of your PC and the number of elements on the web page. Try Hunting Mode Fast. If you cannot select the objects you want, you can proceed in stages. First create a widget with content containing these objects. Then use the 100% mode to change the widget and add the target objects by clicking or dragging and dropping.
When I click to drag and drop an object, it takes time before I can actually drag and drop it
It depends on the speed of your PC. Do not release the mouse button until you see the object detached from the page. Move your mouse around a little while waiting for this to happen.
I love the buttons effect but am having problems getting the right one!
This will be improved in future releases. Just take it easy when catching the buttons and the right one will come up. You just need to practice a little bit.
I can't move my widget!
Depending on the objects inside the widget you may not be able to move it by clicking inside it. If this happens, click on the grey border to move the widget.
Buttons are not displaying!
If your PC is slow and busy running the widget itself (video for example), it may take some time before the buttons display. Stop the video or other media.
Retake screenshot is too slow or does not work!
Again, stop the video or other media while taking a screenshot.
I copied my MyTooCool installation directory to my removable device and MyTooCool does not start on an other computer!
Please ensure that the original directory is not protected by NTFS permissions (ex: MyDocuments).
Made by MyTooCool
Web Desktop windows maker and manager
Cross-domain capabilities
Full UTF-8 JS<-->PHP<-->SQlite

Apache server:
Portable and standalone Wamp - made by MyTooCool

AJAX Framework
FrameWork Ajaïs:

Widget Multi threads
Delphi ZipMaster:
Fundamentals (UTF8):

Gadget viewer for PC/Mac/Linux :

Other Technos
Flash Action Script 3 :

Installer and Launcher

Other Links
Cyril Durand:

MyTooCool FULL Version (Gadgets Manager, Gadgets Maker)
Free Software for Windows®

If you would like to include your language into the software, you can return to us translated in your language the english part of this document : lang.js
(please make sure to fill it and return to us utf-8 encoded without bom)

MyTooCoolR VIEWER Version (Gadgets Viewer)
Free Software for all Operating Systems (Windows, Mac, Linux)
Contact us
Technical support:

Business opportunity:

Signal illicit content:

Gadgeters' corner

For any of you out there who would like to create widgets, here are some tools and suggestions.

You can use MyTooCool mini framework available here: mytoocool.js

Or use other methods if you like. However, we suggest:

- you make sure your gadget fits completely in the widget
- if you make a real gadget, you ensure that things change inside it rather than opening external links and windows

If you don't have anywhere to host your code, you can enter it directly in the mytoocool folders url bar and press enter (make sure you remove the doctype as well as html, head and body tags). Then post the gadget you’ve created in the Share Zone:
Principle of MyTooCool mini framework:

  1. <head>
  2. <script type='text/javascript' src=''></script>
  3. </head>
  5. <body></body>
  7. <script language='javascript'>
  9. var MTCG=new MiniWidgetClass(gadget_container_image,right_left_effect_on_loading(1 yes, 0 no),vertical_scrollbar(1 yes, 0 no),document.body);
  11. MTCG.AddWidget(); //create widget and empty gadget content
  13. MTCG.Content.mode0.innerHTML=my_gadget_HTML; // fill gadget content
  15. MTCG.ChContent(); //load gadget content inside widget and display
  17. </script>

Code examples:

Simple Gadget (gadget containing an image or flash movie): View result with image or View result with object

  1. var MTCG=new MiniWidgetClass('',0,0,document.body);
  3. MTCG.AddWidget();
  5. MTCG.Content.mode0.innerHTML="<IMG src='' style='width:100%;height:100%' />";
  7. // or
  9. MTCG.Content.mode0.innerHTML="<object width='100%' height='100%'><param name='movie' value=''></param><param name='allowFullScreen' value='true'></param><param name='allowscriptaccess' value='always'></param><embed src='' type='application/x-shockwave-flash' allowscriptaccess='always' allowfullscreen='true' width='100%' height='100%'></embed></object>";
  11. MTCG.ChContent();

More complicated Gadget (based on MyTooCool display gadgets widget): View result

  1. MiniGadgetClass.prototype.ChContentGadgets=function() {
  3. var that = this;
  4. var color='white';
  5. var acolor='#7211A1';
  7. var gaddivcont = document.createElement('div');
  8. = '100%';
  9. this.mode0.appendChild(gaddivcont);
  11. var divtoocoolobject = document.createElement('div');
  12. = 'pointer';
  13. = color;
  14. = 'bold';
  15. = '4px';
  16. divtoocoolobject.innerHTML = 'TooCool Team at work - <i> By "MyTooCool"</i>';
  17. divtoocoolobject.ximg='';
  18. divtoocoolobject.onmouseover = function () {;};
  19. divtoocoolobject.onmouseout = function () {;};
  20. gaddivcont.appendChild(divtoocoolobject);
  22. divtoocoolobject.onmousedown=function(event) {var e=event||window.event;if (e.stopPropagation) {e.stopPropagation();};e.cancelBubble = true;;};
  23. }
  25. MiniGadgetClass.prototype.showIMG=function() {
  27. var that=this;
  29. if (this.parentNode.childNodes.length<=1)
  30. {
  31. var xdiv = document.createElement('DIV');
  32. = 'block';
  33. = 'pointer';
  34. = '200px';
  35. = '140px';
  36. this.parentNode.appendChild(xdiv);
  38. var xbkg = document.createElement('img');
  39. xbkg.src = '';
  40. = '200px';
  41. = '140px';
  42. xdiv.appendChild(xbkg);
  44. var toocoolobject = document.createElement('img');
  48. toocoolobject.src = this.ximg;
  49. = 'pointer';
  50. toocoolobject.align='center';
  51. = '110px';
  52. = '95px';
  53. = '4px';
  54. xdiv.appendChild(toocoolobject);
  55. } else {
  56. this.parentNode.removeChild(this.ximg);
  57. }
  60. }
  62. var MTCG=new MiniWidgetClass('',1,1,document.body);
  64. MTCG.AddWidget();
  66. MTCG.Content.ChContentGadgets();
  68. MTCG.ChContent();

More gadgets examples:

My FaceBook Gadget
My Twitter Gadget
Flickr SlideShow
Web tv nrj dance
Recette - Steack tartare
Musik - Désobeissance civile
Video - Oui Oui la chanson
大灌篮- 黑豆 – 土豆网高清版 正版清晰电视剧、电影、综艺视频
Your gadgets on your Mobile Phone

Get MyTooCool gadgets on your mobile phone

Just enter the following address on your mobile phone:

Then select and open your gadgets.
With MyTooCool, create and customize your own widgets from any site or multimedia element!

What is it?

MyTooCool is a cool piece of software that allows you to easily create your own widgets and add them to your desktop. MyTooCool helps you create widgets from any part of a website (page, part of a page, movies, pictures, RSS feeds, etc.) or from any multimedia element on your PC or the Internet (images, videos, music, etc.). It also offers widget management capabilities.


MyTooCool offers many features including:
- creating your own widgets
- capturing any part of any website (text, pictures, movies, music, RSS feeds, etc.) and building your widget from this content
- automatic resizing of your content to fit your widget
- sharing your widgets by posting them in the "Share Zone"
- downloading widgets from others
- worldwide compatibility (MyTooCool works with any site)
- managing widgets
- full portability (you can keep MyTooCool with you at all times and use it anywhere)
... click on left buttons to get more details on MyTooCool features!

Atomic buttons I
Hunting Mode
Hunting Mode fast
100% mode
Last chance
Create RSS feed
Create dynamic widget
Create static widget
Trash feature
Atomic buttons II
Add Scrolling
Refresh Widget
Retake a screenshot
Create a multimedia widget - I
Create a multimedia widget - II
Search and post a widget
Widget Viewer
Fun buttons
Change text color on mouse over
Change text color
Change opacity
Set original background
Change background color
Change background
Change Widget Container image
Simple buttons
Show gadgets
Show links
Stay on top
Add widget
"Last chance" Widget creation

Use the 100% mode to select the objects you want to capture. Then click on the last chance button to create your widget.

Some objects with special protections or unusual properties can be hard to capture using MyTooCool Hunting Mode. For these objects, use the last chance button.

Hunting Mode

Click to activate / deactivate MyTooCool Hunting Mode.

When activated you can select the objects you wish to turn into widgets. Click to create a dynamic widget. Drag and drop outside to create a static widget.

Selected elements have a dotted pink border.

Hunting Mode Fast

Click to activate / deactivate.

If your PC is slow or the web page contains many elements, use this mode to create your widget. It works faster than Hunting Mode.

Selected elements have a dotted yellow border.

Remove unwanted elements from the page and then create your widget

Drag any elements on the page that you wish to remove (such as ads) and drop them onto the trash button. Then click on the create static button. This will create a widget without the content you have removed.

Depending on how the site is set up, you can use this feature to create a static widget from the whole site without the unwanted elements you have removed. This widget will work as if you were on the real site.

100% Mode

Click to activate / deactivate.

100% mode allows you to set the size of the selected elements to 100%. You can then use the create static/dynamic or last chance buttons to create your widget from the resized elements.

This mode is also available once you have created your widget. It allows you to fine tune your widget if it does not render as you wish and to focus on the elements you want to emphasize.

Manual and Automatic Refresh

You can manually refresh the content of your widget by clicking on the "Refresh" button. If you want to refresh it automatically then define the refresh period with the arrows.

Add Vertical Scrolling

If the content you have captured is bigger than the widget, click on this button to add a vertical scrollbar.

Create RSS Feed from URL

This button allows you to create a widget RSS reader from a valid RSS Feed.

Create Dynamic Widget from URL

See "dynamic widget" section to understand the difference between static and dynamic widgets.

First use 100% mode to select the objects. Then click on this button to create a dynamic widget from the selected objects.

Create Static Widget from URL

See "dynamic widget" section to understand the difference between static and dynamic widgets.

First use 100% mode to select the objects. Then click on this button to create a static widget from the selected objects.

Create Multimedia Widget - Method 1

Create a widget from a direct link to a multimedia object on your PC or the Internet.

By selecting a multimedia object on your PC (video, music, pictures, etc.) or entering the URL of an object on the Internet, MyTooCool will automatically create a multimedia widget.

Create Multimedia Widget - Method 2

Create a multimedia widget from permalink or source code.

Some sites provide a permanent link to the multimedia objects they contain or the source code for these objects. You are advised to create your static Widget from the permanent link or the source code (copy and enter it in the MyTooCool internal widget url) rather than using Hunting Mode. If you use Hunting Mode to capture these objects and they are then redefined dynamically, the widget may no longer work.

Widget Viewer

The Widget Viewer allows you to display, hide or close the widgets that are open and to access the context menu of these widgets.

Share your Widget

MyTooCool est une application révolutionnaire vous permettant de créer vos propres widgets à partir de n'importe quel élément du web (page, élément de page, vidéos, images, flux RSS...) de façon simple afin de les intégrer à votre bureau.

Change Widget Container Image

Change the widget container image using an image from your PC or the Internet.

Change Text Color

Select the color you want for the text of internal widgets in the Widget Manager.

Change Text Color On Mouse Over

Select the color you wish to use on mouse over of Widget Manager internal widgets.

Retake a Screenshot

MyTooCool takes an automatic screenshot of your widget when it is created. If it fails or if you don't like the screenshot, use this button to take it again.

Make sure you have a nice, valid screenshot before posting your widget in the "Share Zone".

Change Opacity

Change opacity of your widgets and the Widget Manager.

Set Original Background

When a widget is created, its default background is white. The site your widget was taken from might have defined a more suitable background such as an image. Click on this button to restore the original background.

Change Background color

Select the color you wish to use as your widget's background colour. You can also choose to make it transparent.

Change Background

Change the background image using an image from your PC or the Internet.

Show Gadgets

Display the widgets you have created in the selected internal widget category.

Show Links

MyTooCool allows you to store your preferred links for widget creation. Use this button to display them. Click on Hunting image to navigate on the link.

Update MyTooCool

Force update. MyTooCool will restart.

Stay On Top

Click to activate / deactivate

While activated, your widget will stay on top of all other windows.

Add Widget

Add an internal widget in the Widget Manager. These widgets are used to save and organise your widgets by category.
Give it a name and press enter to create it.